This week David Cathers brings you another amazing tip for getting your home to stand out when you want it SOLD now.  His friend and staging expert Melanie Warren is visiting the show today. She will reveal one of the little known but very” key secrets” to making your closets and cabinets help sell your home.

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17 Responses to “How To Make Your House Look Like It Has Extra Room!”

  1. Mike

    23. Aug, 2010

    Nice job on the first episode David! I will make sure I tune in for future ones.

  2. Charlie McDermott

    24. Aug, 2010

    Hey David,

    Congrats on the show!!! Great helpful information… love the closet concept… makes sense…

    Looking forward to the next one!

    Charlie McDermott

  3. Brooke Trexler

    24. Aug, 2010

    Hello David Cathers,
    Melanie Warren information was great! I am looking forward to your next episode.

  4. Kern

    24. Aug, 2010

    I think I will go clean out my closet now, even thou we are not ready to sell.


  5. Jim Allen

    25. Aug, 2010


    Great job! This is practical, useful information that will be very valuable to you clients when selling their home. I like this format for your show.

    Jim Allen

  6. Mike Misner

    29. Aug, 2010

    David -

    Great idea and you are terrific on camera. You have come a long way in your personal confidence. The only draw back was that the video was very jerky. It kept stopping every 3-4 seconds and that was distrating. Probably my fault. Keep up the good work.

  7. Chris Myers

    29. Aug, 2010

    Hey David,
    Thanks for sharing your TV series, and the helpful hints to prepare your house for sell.
    I think I’m going to start boxing things up also, and start some donation boxes, to rid ourselves of to much clutter…
    thanks for the time spent with me today to share just a few things that I look forward to learning more about with your skills, and hopefully someday will know half of what you know.

  8. Kathee

    03. Sep, 2010

    Hi David,

    Great show! Very practical advice that is so easy to do. A must-see show for anyone selling their home! I’m staying tuned in!

    Kathee, NYC

  9. David

    10. Sep, 2010


    Thanks for watching the First episodes of my TV Show. I appreciate your input. Let me know if the next shows run smoother for you. I checked on my end and everything was fine so it may be your computer.


  10. David

    10. Sep, 2010


    Thanks for watching the first episodes of my TV Show and sharing your
    comments. It was great to talk with you the other day. Thanks for thinking
    of me and for asking your question. I hope the information I gave you was
    helpful. See you soon.

    David Cathers

    P.S. Remember to send send me your video so we can share your Information
    here on the West Coast.

  11. David

    10. Sep, 2010


    Thanks for watching the Show. And thanks for your comments. I look
    forward to sharing more usful tips in our upcoming episodes. Remember if
    you have a question, send it to me so I can get it answered for you and
    others who may have the same question.

    Live Life to the Fullest,

    “Let’s Get Moving”

    David Cathers

  12. David

    10. Sep, 2010


    Thank you for tuning in to the New TV Show. Join us again soon for the next episode. And remember to say hi to Anthony for me.

    David Cathers

  13. David

    10. Sep, 2010


    Ok go clean out the closet. Maybe you’ll find that wrench you were looking for the other day. Thank you for watching the Show and for your great ideas at our meeting last month. Be sure to send me any questions you have for future episodes.
    I could also tell my viewers to visit Kern’s Automotive. What do you think?

    David Cathers

  14. David

    10. Sep, 2010


    Thanks for your help and inspiration in getting this TV Show off the ground. It has been great working with you this year. Congratulations again on the GKIC Marketer of the year award.


    P.S. Remember you can always have access to my green screen studio whenever you are filming on the West Coast.

  15. David

    10. Sep, 2010


    Thanks for tuning in to the Show. Be sure and look for the next episodes coming very soon. And thank you for your support for not only me but the rest of our EEMG group.


  16. Ginger Bratzel

    10. Sep, 2010

    My question is about staging. I can see it being easy to stage for an open house or a single event. But how do you maintain that when you house isn’t sold over an extended period of time? It’s hard look picture perfect when you are busy raising small children and living in the home?

  17. David

    10. Sep, 2010


    I understand what you are saying. You feel like you are maintaining a hotel room. Daily cleaning and sprucing. One thing that can make this easier is to organize many of your daily use items into small baskets or boxes. As an example you can take all the items in the bathroom that you use every day, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs or brushes,deodorant and put them in a nice basket. Then when you are done using them just place everything in the basket and set it under the sink out of the way.

    Abracadabra, the counter is clear before you leave. Think of ways to simplify like this in other rooms. (Where you mentioned the small children, you could give them something to put their toys and things in. Then make it a game to see who can keep their areas the best. They will galdly do more when you include them in a game rather than force them to clean) I think we all work better that way. Don’t you? It will help make the constant pick up easier. And most of all try to keep a smile as you focus on the outcome you want from all of this. and that is to get the house SOLD sooner.

    I hope this helps and I wish you the best.

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