What do you mean Don’t Personalize my home? I Live here! NOW Wait, think about what you just said. You live here. NOT THE BUYER.

When you are ready to sell your home it has to become a HOUSE. The house is not a personal reflection of you but a Home is. Buyers will buy a HOUSE then personalize it to be their Home.

Listen as Melanie Warren our Staging Expert share her Important Key Points on this Subject. 

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6 Responses to “If you Want it SOLD, Don’t Personalize It…WHAT?”

  1. Ivan McFarland

    07. Dec, 2010

    Great information. Not your usual selling adive but it makes a lot of sense

  2. David

    12. Dec, 2010


    Thanks for watching. Like you said. It is not your usual advice. That is what I have set out to do with this TV show. I want to share the answers to the questions that Should be asked. That way my family of clients will be better prepared. Looking forward to seeing you soon,

  3. Ron Bechtel

    14. Dec, 2010

    I enjoyed watching. Thanks, David.

  4. David

    17. Jan, 2011

    Thanks Ron. The next new show will be up on Wednesday.

  5. Karen Gillespie

    10. Feb, 2011

    Just found this web address and am so exicted to have tips for selling my home. I just reviewed the staging vidio and am going to check out the other videos on this site next!
    Thanks for this helpful information, I will continue to check this regularly. Karen

  6. David

    10. Feb, 2011

    Thank you for tuning in to my TV Show. You comments are appreciated. Please check out the rest of the shows. YOu will find them listed on the right side of the page. Just click on the Subject and you can start watching. Don’t forget to grab a small bag of popcorn.

    Please give me your suggestions for other esubjects you would like information about, alright?

    Happy home hunting,

    David Cathers

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